Sunday, November 30, 2008

Craft Fairs- that time of year

Painting, Red Pine, by Victor Goertz is enjoyed daily by my family.

It is that time of year- CRAFT FAIRS!
Some of the artisans we work with today I originally discovered through my
craft fair travels over 15 years ago. Way before children, were weekends spent finding artisan studios in obscure parts of the city, from Vancouver church basements, artisan homes and studios. Discovering must have gifts for my home, family, and friends were found at craft fairs.
Now with my busy life, you can imagine my delight when my manager Jen Hiebert- a talented artisan herself, presented a list and website links to many of the craft fairs happening in Vancouver this time of year. Found through the blog Magpie and Cake the list, helps shoppers – from experienced craft goers like myself to people simply wanting a new shopping experience sift through the many fairs that exist, saving time, time, and did I say time.

This weekend I will be donning my rubber boots, vintage wrap and enjoying a fair a two, or three, or four, being inspired by the many talented artisans.

Side note- Last weekend I checked out the first time in Vancouver- One of a Kind show which was a pleasant surprise offering artisan work from fashion to food to sustainable all artisans from North America, not just Canadian or local. One of my ol’ time favorites I also visited the now ever popular but still worth a visit- 1000 Parker - Victor Goertz, contemporary paintings of the west coast is still one of my favorite visits as his Red Pine graces our living room wall and reminds me of the interior of BC and the fragrance of pine.
Congratulations to Silvia Dotto who after 15 years of making stunning ceramic dishes is moving on with new adventures. She will still be making her crows (her dad collaborates by making the feet.) I have many of her pieces originally found at another great spot for artisan work, crafthouse on Granville island in Vancouver.

Happy craft fairing.