Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I love watching the Olympics. 
I rarely make time for TV but during the Olympics the TV is on. As a child it was one of the few times we could eat dinner and watch TV at the same time- remember TV trays?! My parents would comment on the culture and beauty of the host city, mention facts about a part of the world our family wouldn’t have known otherwise. They talked about the passion, the dedication the amount of time it took to become an Olympian. My brother and sisters would come and go out of the TV room but we were all together to watch the hockey games. I enjoyed the opening ceremonies watching the teams showcase their custom designed uniforms, offering my fashion advice to the television. This year much hasn’t changed. I visited my dad yesterday and the TV is on, a little louder these days. I smiled with gratitude. At my home the TV is also on. My husband and sons oohing and awing during snowboard jumps and will get up super early to watch Canada play hockey, hopefully for a medal! I’m admiring the behind the scenes effort to pull off such an event. I love seeing the happiness, from Olympian families, Olympians themselves and volunteers. I'm still commenting on the runway of athletes, impressed with designers’ talent weaving cultural traditions in fashion. Our latest issue of Power of Gratitude shares gift ideas that are good for your health, heart, a free Valentine’s Day card to download print and share and few Olympian quotes to inspire yourself or others.  To health, heart and happiness.  Love Janet