Monday, July 8, 2013

Ask a Gift Guru!

Is your corporate gift closet in need of a make over or just a tweak?
Need Fresh Ideas that will inspire, motivate? 
Need solutions on how and when to recognize?
Then Ask a Gift Guru is just what you need!

Book Ask a Gift Guru with Janet Helm,
 and get your questions answered, ideas and actual solutions provided!
Choose from 1 hour brainstorm sessions to
3 and 6 hour bundle packages!

Recognition done right doesn't have to be difficult, 
expensive or time-consuming. 
But how to make the most out of your time and budget, 
all to ensure your recognition is effective, authentic, current?
This is where Ask A Gift Guru will help!

Janet Helm has spent twenty years designing and creating corporate gifts,awards, and incentive ideas for clients throughout North America 

including Coca-Cola, Colliers International and Sun Life Financial. 
Working closely with decision makers, Janet asks the right questions, digs to understand objectives to be able to provide expert advice, 
customized for your company, your people, 
your culture, your customers.
Access Janet’s wealth of knowledge and experience when you want your recognition ideas to reflect your authentic workplace and keep your customers happy and coming back!