Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tips to Ensure your Giving is Easy, Meaningful & On Budget

Remember- it isn't what's in the gift box, but what it represents -your appreciation.

Choosing wisely ensures your sincerity is sent and your recipients feel valued and recognized.

Here are a few tips to ensure your giving makes the impact you want- to inspire, motivate and genuinely thank recipients.

1-Plan ahead- leaving choices to the last minute will not only disappoint recipients but can actually confuse them- especially if the gift does not reflect your culture and or brand or if personal giving- reflect the recipients’ taste and style. Hurried choices typically mean rush charges from either manufacturers or having to pay for overnight delivery vs. ground – which are big wastes of your budget.

2- Give meaning – More and more companies want their gifts to have meaning, symbolism- a good story!  Choose gifts that give back to causes or charities of your choice. Choose causes and gifts that tie in with your company culture and vision. For example Coca-Cola has given fleece blanket gifts, letting recipients know the blankets were made from recycled coke bottles. 

 3- Hand written messages go a long way.
Have thank you cards handy and be specific in your appreciation so the person can repeat the action!

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image courtesy of Ludwig Design