Thursday, September 24, 2009

Good Design & Excellent Service- a winning combination

Janet's Signature Tartans profiled in Canadian House & Home's Style Files
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With Janet Helm Tartan featured in the current issue of Canadian House & Home, attending the interior design trade show, IDSwest last Sunday seemed like a good idea. Not only was it fantastic visually, but what a grand place to do what I love to do- see who is providing an exceptional brand experience with their customer service from literally hundreds of vendors, artists, manufacturers, and designers. I knew this would be fun and informative to gather more information to share with you, and with my husband and I renovating our bathrooms, all 3 of them (did I say we? actually he is renovating our bathrooms) the idea was timely indeed.

To be inspired and hear more about my customer experiences, here is a list of my favorite booths and why good design and excellent customer service win every time.

Design House (their sister store is Marimekko in Yaletown)
Trade shows can be exhausting for vendors but this representative was not only friendly and attentive, but truly enthusiastic as she answered my technical inquiries about Chilewich flooring.

The Cross Decor and Design
For the cozy, quaintness of the booth design- it was like stepping into an apartment, complete with fresh floral bouquet in a vase in the sink! Peter was very friendly and shared my enthusiasm for their stunning bold fabrics and wallpapers.
(note to self- my 4 vintage iron deck chairs would look fabulous in the black and white print showcased... Stay focused Janet bathrooms remember, just bathrooms.)

My last stop was at
- by fellow friend and entrepreneur Abby Eyolfson, with whom we collaborated on a holiday gift last year. Her contemporary garden designs are a breath of fresh air, and her passion for what she does is inspiring.

Okay, remember it was only an hour, and I know there was much more to see, but of the booths I did visit, these stood out as the people "working them" were truly enjoying their job, enthusiastically sharing their passions with knowledge, fun and creativity, offering help and ideas.

I am inspired. Thank you.