Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gearing up for the Holiday Gifting Season!

As the holiday gift giving season is fast approaching, 
I can't say it enough, "plan ahead!" 
The  more time we have 
the more options we can provide you! 
Give us a minimum of 8 weeks lead time for your 
Christmas gifts and we can 
custom make ideas exclusively designed specifically 
for your company! 
Custom molds to create items including
sterling silver and gold cuff links

will guarantee your gifts stand out from the rest! 

We've also just added fresh ideas to our
- gifts that can be customized with
logos, gift cards and custom packaging!

Recognition is all very well but utterly pointless 
without a sense of meaning and genuineness so plan ahead to ensure your budget is used wisely and your genuine message 
of appreciation is achieved! 

A couple more tips for holiday gifting can be read in the 
recent issue of Ignite! magazine.

Contact us today to get started!