Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Holidays -12 Days of Christmas

 12 Drummers Drumming photo by Janet Helm

Just over 12 years ago I started my company because I knew there were people who understood 
the power of appreciation in the workplace. 
That giving was so much more than what is in the gift box and that
recognition when done strategically and genuinely will enrich lives, motivate, inspire and create loyalty. 
12 years later I am thrilled and grateful I continue to collaborate with business leaders who experience bottom line results because of their recognition practices.
This year's holiday card is the last in our series, 
The 12 Days of Christmas.
To see the entire series see below and here.
Yes, my sons are relieved they won't have to pose for future holiday cards and
I am excited for what is next at Janet Helm- as in 2012 we are 
introducing new solutions to help our clients continue to give creatively and with meaning.
This holiday season I wish you and yours a season filled 
with much peace, love and laughter.