Thursday, March 20, 2008

To authenticity.

I received an early birthday present in the mail this week from my sister Denise.

I ripped open the brown kraft packaging, to see a New Balance box... we both run, so I assumed a funky running shirt of some kind would be my gift. As I opened the box, I gasped...

not a running shirt at all, but a vintage mohair and wool-blend cape in earth tones of sage green and burnt oranges.

It is so me, I thought, (actually screamed). The vintage label design, the quality, the exclusiveness, all screamed Janet Helm.

(My 4 year old son wanted to play Little Red Riding Hood, I quickly diverted him to one of his own toys ....whew close call.)

Receiving the cape was a wonderful confirmation for me of why being authentic, being me at all times is the only way for me to live, run my business, be a leader, friend, wife and/or mother. It is flow, it works and it is effortless.

I am reminded of the best gifts we design and produce for our clients are the ones that have the most soul- are genuinely about the recipients, proudly and sincerely reflect the occasion, and message of our clients.

To authenticity.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Inspiration Thursdays

Janet Helm is about capturing the genuine spirit of a client and producing gift experiences that are genuine, well designed and stylish. Our blog is dedicated to all the different ways to add genuineness and good design into your gift giving experiences. It is my hope you browse our blog to find inspiration and get updates and let Janet Helm enlighten your occasions and experiences.

Our blog is called Inspiration Thursdays because it is on that day of the week, during our daily meeting, that the team at Janet Helm share ideas that inspire us. Recent inspires have been everything from taffy wrappers, a spoon, a font, to a 1950's children's book illustrator.

To Thursdays