Tuesday, August 30, 2016

You Never Know!

You never know when our actions might affect someone in ways we never realize. 

Case in point, I helped a young woman who lost her car keys in the park next to our house while she walked her dog. She mentioned she was having a rough day. Her wallet was in her car, along with her cellphone, road side assistance information etc. I let her borrow my cell phone to phone her work and I called BCAA.  I calmed her down by trying to make light of the situation. We then walked back to the park to see if we could find the needle in the haystack.  I saw the sun shining on a metal object which turned out to be her car key. She was so happy and surprised, even called me an angel through her tears. She left happy and relieved. I continued on with my day not really thinking much about it. Tonight she knocked on my door with a bottle of wine and a lovely thank you note.  It was a reminder to me that we never know how our actions affect everyone in our lives strangers or not, and that there are daily opportunities to be a positive influence on others. 
Our resource page on our website  has a few thank you notes and gift tags you can download for free. 
Cheers to influencing others with gratitude!