Friday, April 22, 2011

Real Giving's The Giving Project

Making it easier for you to enjoy the results of The Giving Project!

How Giving a Gift a Day will make a difference in your life and in your company!
What is the Giving Project?" you ask.

Not a project really, but an opportunity for you to change your business and life for the better!
It started as a challenge to myself- to give a daily gift for 21 (21 days because that’s how long it supposedly takes to form a habit) I blogged about my journey and it became clear from day 1, this is an opportunity I can share with my clients as well as the world. Gratitude does change everything, and you will experience the benefits in your life and business by joining and posting your daily gifts.
Read my inspiration, why I started.
Ready to join? It’s easy- simply post daily comments on the Giving Project blog. Do it on your own, or involve your team or entire company! Start at Day 1!


Gifts can be anything given to anyone...sure money, food come to mind, but smiles, eye to eye contact saying, thanks,your time, kind words even thoughts are all gifts. Start the journey by posting one day, or every day, share your story.

Post your favorite gifts and what happened as a result- the powerful impact it made on your business and life.

If you’re on Twitter, tweet me your gives; please use #realgiving

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