Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stylish Way to Logo

Instead of embroidered logos use
private woven labels. We create our clients' logos as quality woven labels then sew them into the recognition gifts we design and produce for them. Woven labels inside jackets, on blankets, in scarf seams are a stylish and subtle way to brand your gift, not to mention the recipients are more inclined to wear them!
Remember your recognizing your employees and customers with a gift not a promotional item.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Think Outside The Gift Box

Some of you know I adore contemporary design, so when I saw this gingerbread house I was thrilled to see someone thinking outside the "gingerbread house kit" box if you will!

This holiday season before you rush to make decisions, I encourage you to think outside the standard gift box.

 In our recent issue of Giving we share ideas and tips to help you with your holiday giving. 
Read the heartwarming and genuine story behind Colliers tartan we designed for them.

Instead of paper, give eco-friendly wood gift cards
as they will stand out from the crowd as well as
send earth friendly holiday wishes.

Check out more ideas here or call me directly 604 730 2600
To modern meaningful giving!

 photo of gingerbread house compliments of paperseed

photo courtesy of paperseed