Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's all About You.

As we are updating our website (more to come on this soon), I find myself more interested in the About You section than the About Us section. After all, it is about you, our customer. Without you, we would not have an About Us section, so here’s to you.


To say you are busy is an understatement. You have seen it all, and want more than just products, you want experiences for your recipients. You demand the best, work with the best, and won’t settle for less. You have many tasks to do in a day—finding eco-friendly ideas that genuinely communicate your message and managing gift programs are just two of a hundred or more to-dos on your list. You need an assistant, you need a vacation, you need someone to help make your job easier.

You are emailing us from your blackberry because your boss is retiring in 7 days and you need an amazing gift to give and present at the reception. Seven days later we received this email from you (again from your blackberry).

“Thanks so much for making this work! I can't tell you what a relief that was!”
Michelle, Global TV, Vancouver
You have an event in Paris for top executives. What are you going to give that they don’t already have or can’t just buy? All this and it need to be effortless to travel back to the US, too. You have a budget and can’t go over a penny. Help, you say.
“Thank you. The painting and prints were beautiful. It was a very rewarding experience working with you again! Shipping to Paris was perfect! Thanks for everything!!!!!!”
Glenda, The Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta
We tip our Janet Helm hats to you, those who get it all done in a day. I am proud to say we are a part of your team, to help you look great with little effort. Your dedication to helping recognize meaningfully and making the best use of budget is to be congratulated.

Well done! (Now get back to work.)
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Isabelle Mercier said...

Well done! Thanks for candidly sharing with us stories of some of your heroic moments. You guys are truly the best. Your clients are lucky to experience and benefit from you and your team's talent and expertise. You make the world a better place.