Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Cleaning

© Andria Lo / Orange Photography
Wave Award for National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Northern California Chapter

Maybe it’s the remains of the sugar buzz from the Easter weekend or the number of hard boiled, food coloring-stained eggs my boys made and I ate this week, but I am feeling as though Spring has finally arrived here in Vancouver.

Spring to me means wearing my Levi’s jeans cuffed, no socks with cute flats, t-shirts, vintage belts and purses-no need for coats and jackets, and my favorite spring to do, Spring Cleaning!

My coach Isabelle, of Leapzone Strategies, and I created an amazing mind map last Thursday about the evolution of my company and the excitement of the new directions and value we are providing our customers.

As most of you know, I love what I do. Redefining gift giving recognition in the corporate world and spreading this passion is more important than ever. I am hearing more and more from new customers about their frustration trying to find the right recognition ideas that are truly unique, of value, and innovative, that also enhance their brand, without adding advertising costs or more work for HR departments.

So, I am Spring Cleaning -
Answer these questions and see if you are ready to Spring Clean with Janet Helm.

  • You know recognition is not the framed certificate, not a coffee card, or a generic glass award, but just don’t have the time to look into new, better ways of doing this?
  • You don’t want to play the guessing game anymore and want to know, not guess, that your gift giving choices are inspiring, motivating, and appreciating sincerely.
  • You don’t have time to source ideas in hopes of them being approved, you just want to look good for having found the right ideas the first time.
  • You know 100% without a doubt, that your recognition is increasing your revenue, enhancing your brand image, without added marketing or HR operating costs?

© Andria Lo / Orange Photography
Wave Award for National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Northern California Chapter

Do you, like the National Multiple Sclerosis Society's Northern California Chapter, who presented the above award--full of symbolism, meaning, and their brand color--to great fanfare, want to provide recognition in an innovative way that fits your brand? If you are ready to increase sales and customer loyalty without added advertising costs or more work for your HR department… Spring Clean with us.

Call me directly at 604-730-2600 and share your frustrations, so we can turn around your recognition.

Happy Spring,

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