Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Father's Day

At a recent visit to my mom and dad's home, I found a small treasure sitting on the kitchen table. It was a vintage postcard of Vancouver, the kind that flipped open to reveal different landmarks of the city. I have seen them before, and have always liked them for their vintage hand-painted look, and it’s fun comparing the images to today's sites. The images show how truly young Vancouver was, from Georgia Street, Stanley Park and City Hall.

I smiled at the postmark, which read, “Postage: One Cent, Without Message.” As I read the familiar handwriting, “Mrs. N. Helm, from your son Elmer”, I realized with amazement (and a few tears) that this card from my dad to my nana must be from the late 1940s!

Wow, how lovely, I thought, as I read how he arrived in Vancouver (from Nanaimo), all is "swell" and that he went to a dance the first night. Knowing my dad and his love for jiving to this day, this made me smile through the tears and did not surprise me at all.

I shared with my dad how much I enjoyed reading the postcard and seeing the images, as well as the kind words to his mom. Knowing how much joy it brought me, he gave me the postcard and I now have it displayed in my kitchen for all to see and read.

With Father's Day just last week, I am grateful and am appreciative for the love and support that I, my husband, and our children continue to receive from my dad and my mom.

Thank you, Dad.
Love your daughter,

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