Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

 A few years ago my husband and sons started collecting heart shape rocks for me.
I display them alongside one of the kindergarten popsicle stick crafts from years gone by.
 I am grateful.

Valentine’s Day. Funny I have never thought of it as a day only to celebrate my husband, but more of an occasion to show appreciation to everyone in my life- whether at work or home –my kids, friends, teachers, co-workers, suppliers, and clients. 
For some, saying, thank you (like saying sorry) comes easier to some than others. 
With Random Act of Kindness week starting on Valentines’ Day this year-  for those squeamish about the four letter Lword in the workplace you can use Random Act of Kindness Week  as an excuse to take a moment out of your day to say, “ thanks. I think you are doing a great job.”
Emails, texts and  tweets are a quick and easy way to show your appreciation.
Your message doesn't have to be poetic or lengthy, just genuine. 

Workplace gratitude. It is an attitude that is passed on, not just from the boss to the employees, but employee to employee, leader and employees to customers and suppliers.

All it takes is you to start the gratitude roll…. Go for it.
Share with me what greatness shows up for you at work and at home!
Happy Valentine's Day.
Love Janet

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