Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sharing a Custom Gift Project

Teck Resources- a company who truly values recognition with meaning is always a pleasure to collaborate with. 

Their objectives for this project:  Provide gifts for local and international government officials and executives involved in the opening of a new copper mine in Chile. 
Gifts are to be made of copper and be suitable to display on a desk.
Gifts are to be unique reflecting Teck's genuine appreciation.

Strategy: We designed hand blown glass paperweights with real copper leaf floating inside. We also designed copper coins with artwork of the local Chilean church where the mine exists, the Teck logo, and the event information in both Chilean Spanish and English. The coins were added into the glass during the manufacturing of the glass pieces. 

The result: "Janet, that is why we call you. You are such a great resource and we can always count on you to design unique gifts. Thank you!"

This was a meaningful project to collaborate on and I was thrilled with the final results. 

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