Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Celebrate Vancouver

With Earth Day just past, I find myself so much more aware of what little steps I can do, this year more than ever before. As a mom, I feel it is genuinely the right thing to do, as a company it simply makes good business sense as more and more of our clients want green gifts and meeting ideas that are more than the standard ideas - concepts that are stylish, naturally and responsibly.

The timing is perfect as Vancouver, my home town and the location of our studio, prepares to host the winter Olympics in 2010, where sustainability is an integral part of the games. We are excited to help our local and international clients give environmentally innovative ideas. I will keep our clients up to date with our Green Gift Line we are providing.

Please visit the official website of the games http://www.vancouver2010.com/ to see a photograph of my sons, by photographer Janis Nicolay, celebrating the fresh air Vancouver is known for, as well as other people celebrating the countdown excitement, and check out all the exciting news happening in our grand city.


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