Thursday, April 17, 2008

Creative Awards

I have seen a lot of awards from glass, crystal, to metal. I always find myself wanting more, more for our clients and more for the recipients.

Where is the style, the originality, the genuineness?

I am sharing with you an award we designed and produced to complement a peer to peer recognition program for F5 Networks, a Seattle based company known for its genuine and distinct corporate culture. I have also included a few images of innovative awards I hope will inspire you.

Occasion: F5 NETWORKS Quarterly Recognition Awards

Provide creative awards that reflect the company's corporate values that the recipients are being recognized for.

Needs to complement F5's peer to peer program, entitled ‘Have a Ball.’

Result: hand blown glass marbles, produced using the client's seven corporate colors representing their corresponding values.

  • Instantly recognizable as F5, reflecting the company's genuineness, creativity, and existing program.

  • The recipients' name and date are sand-blasted on a marble base created to complement the glass art piece.

  • Gift card with values translated into different languages with symbolism and information on the artist was included.

  • Custom made shipping boxes added to the perceived value, and ensured ease of worldwide distribution for our client.

“Everyone loves them. The symbolism is perfect for F5. Thank you.”
C.C., F5 Networks, Seattle

Here are a couple other unique award options to inspire: a hand-carved wood sculpture, and a kiln-formed glass wave.

Wood sculptures available in a variety of woods and shapes.
Choose from a selection of inspiring words, or create your own.

Glass sculptures that can be arranged separately or as a set, as shown. Stand also available.
Waves of Distinction can be commissioned in custom colors.
Sizes 6" w x17" long and up to 12"h x17" long.

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