Thursday, October 9, 2008

Above and Beyond - Being Picky Pays Off

We have gained a reputation for being picky- I like to call it “particular.”
Are we picky? You bet we are!

We are picky- picky, or should I say particular, about details, quality, and service from our suppliers, just as our customers are as picky, I mean particular, about the gifts and service they receive.

We select suppliers who, like us, separate themselves from the competition by doing everything with excellence. I often say to my team that we are only as good as our suppliers, so it is important we choose and have relationships with suppliers who understand our needs in helping our client stand out from the rest- we make them look great.

One such supplier, who is officially our Janet Helm HERO OF THE MONTH, is Deb Hoffman of Deelor Sales & Marketing. Deb literally went out of her way to ensure a job would finish with the quality and price we asked for.

We choose to work with Deb to provide our custom hand-wrapped gift boxes for our custom tartan scarves, as well as other custom packaging designs. Not only did Deb save us time and money, but she also saved our client their time and money!

Thanks, Deb.

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