Thursday, October 23, 2008


We have all heard it is better to give than receive. It does feel awesome to give, and I also believe when one gives from the heart, genuinely, the receiver feels just as much good. I’ve been thinking about how, for a living, I help people give and how there are many different ways one gives- whether things, time, ideas, thoughts, advice, or suggestions. In this blog, I am giving- sharing ideas because it is good.

Giving at the office
Click here to see six easy ways that by giving (with little or no cost), leaders, managers and companies will empower, inspire, retain and motivate their employees.

Giving for the holidays
And for those same companies, as well as individuals who may be wondering what and how to give this holiday season on a limited or no budget, our Gift Giving Tips also offers three holiday tips to help keep your costs down, while ensuring your message is genuine, and your gift of quality.

Giving to the community
There is much in the community that can benefit when people give a little time. My husband and our two sons volunteer in our city, removing graffiti around the neighborhood. We do it because we genuinely care, and it does feel great to give back to the community we live in.

Click here to read the story in our local newspaper.

Enjoy receiving as much as I have enjoyed giving.

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Isabelle said...

Thanks Janet for sharing with us. I love your commitment to helping the world give more authentically via many different simple and unique avenues.

You are helping me raise the bar by expanding my horizons to give more authentically.

You truly walk your talk and that, I admire.