Thursday, January 29, 2009

Canadian Environment

Photography by Jon Benjamin

We are excited and busy here in Vancouver, getting ready to welcome the world in February, 2010 to celebrate the winter Olympics. Currently, we are working with companies preparing for the Olympics, providing made in Canada gifts, gifts made by hand, and very often, gifts that are sustainable- soulful ideas that are finely crafted and creative, reflecting the unique beauty of Canada.

Recently, an opportunity presented itself with the timing and need to provide furniture and design services for 2010 hospitality suites. With my passion for design, art and architecture, and as a proud Canadian, what a great chance to offer our customers made in Canada furniture and accessories for their Canadian experience. Not only for hospitality suites, but also for your office, home, and in hotels.

Visit our Canadian Environment page on our Oh Canada website to see just a sampling of our proudly Canadian made furniture and accessories.

Call us for more examples of outstanding Canadian designs for your office, home, hospitality suite and hotel. Design services are also available.

Here's to celebrating Canada with soul!

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Isabelle Mercier said...

Well done Janet. Your soul truly does transpire in everything you do or touch. Thanks for inspiring me to think more about the richness of our "Canadian" artists.