Thursday, January 15, 2009

Three easy ways to build genuine recognition this year

Having thank you cards on hand, ready to use, ensures the thank you won't be forgotten
The stuff of recognition - the awards, plaques, certificates, gift cards, isn’t the real recognition. The recognition comes with the thought and connection the employee feels. Meaning must be tied into the object for the award or gift to be a valued part of the recognition experience for the recipients. Employees are looking for meaning, and sincere appreciation for their personal value to the organization.

Here are 3 ideas you can start this month to ensure that you are providing recognition that works, making the most of your budget and time, inspiring and appreciating your team, and growing your company this year. Try one for three months and send me an update. I would love to hear your success.
  1. Show appreciation and say thank you to small things
    Show appreciation by genuinely saying thank you more often and to small things you would typically take for granted. Old school thinking is that you don’t have to say ‘thanks’ because your employees already know you appreciate them, or that too much praise will have them asking for a raise. It is a fact, thank you can never be said enough, especially now. Thank yous also encourage people to be focused on a positive outlook, rather than negative one.

  2. Listen, really listen to their ideas
    Communicate to your team how important their thinking is to answering cost savings issues. Listen to their solutions and improvements, and recognize their great ideas specifically. Thank them for how they are helping the company grow.

  3. Look at your existing recognition programs for their true recognition value
    Review all your tangible awards, promotional items, and incentive gifts for recognition potential. Look for ways to simplify. You don’t have to go over the top—just ensure you are sincere. For example, choose locally made items, especially if sustainability is important to you and your company. Present in person, include a brief explanation why you chose the award, how it reflects the company values, and how it reflects your appreciation for their specific accomplishment.

When it comes to sincerely recognizing your team, it doesn’t have to be a lot of work or expensive, just meaningful.

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Isabelle Mercier said...

So true! One small thing we do as well for our clients + suppliers is, we have on hand, what we call Picker Uppers. A small package of goodies ready to send out when we hear that someone is having a tough day. We courier that little Picker Upper right away to them to brighten their day and it does a world of good.

It feels good, builds great relationships and builds brand equity.

Thanks for that reminder Janet ;-)

Mhairi said...

I think sincerity is indeed the key here. If you are not sincere in your efforts to recognize the work or input of others then your actions will only come across as shallow and self centred.

Thanks Janet - nice post!