Thursday, August 27, 2009

How a few minutes with a CEO could save you $5,000

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I would like to share with you a challenge that comes up often in my industry, and a solution that companies, like our customer VersaCold already benefits from, saving them time and money.

The typical challenge
: You have a recognition event or program—a need to retain, inspire your team, and thank your customers—and are asked to find solutions. So, you call all your vendors, me included, and say, “I need ideas and I need them tomorrow or even today.” Then, you gather your ideas, several in tow, and head to another department where the list is shortened. Then, off to another department where the list is perhaps shortened again, or the meeting is postponed, then, perhaps a week later, the ideas are shown to a team. Perhaps the CEO is present, perhaps not. A decision is made, or not. The event is coming up quickly and still nothing is chosen, or because of the time factor, you settle on a choice that seems like it will be all right. The event happens, recognition happens, ROI is questioned, recipients are appreciated, inspired, motivated, not sure? Hmmm. Best use of your budget and time?

I calculated my time, as well as the time my clients have spent in the past on this method, and a typical cost I come up with is $5,000 and anywhere up to 4 weeks of our time.

Our solution: Invite me, your recognition expert, in to meet with you and your CEO. A few minutes in person, or on the phone, literally, is all we need to provide guaranteed results. Proven results-driven questions are asked and answered. After that the details are left up to you and me. It is the concept, the feel, the vision, the clear objectives I can get only from the CEO that will guarantee my promise- to redefine and maximize your recognition experience.

I understand the CEO has asked you to lead this, I understand the CEO is busy, and yes, the recognition is important but it is one of many to dos on her (and your) list. The CEOs I work with understand the power their employees and customers play in the success of the company, as you can read about below, and this is the only way I can guarantee my promise.

Results of meeting with the CEO: CEOs, like Brent Sudgen of VersaCold, understand the power of appreciation, champion their employees and it shows: from employees like Susan who willingly and passionately works on events during her maternity leave (with twins, even), to Tina and Sandra who care about their job, the impact they make providing an environment and a preferred workplace, and how they are building a culture of excellence, to the employee (I am sure one of many) who, although has never met Brent, “knows him” because of his welcome to the company letter, communication to employees and customers through their company newsletter, and hands-on training videos.

“We show our employees they matter, we earn money for our investors, and we service our customers better!” This quote from their website is genuine and a fact. Is yours?

Are you ready to have your recognition experiences maximized?! I am ready to roll up my sleeves with you and promise to enrich peoples’ lives through soulful recognition.


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