Friday, August 7, 2009

“Worth It.”

As you can imagine, my sons hear about the power of appreciation quite a bit from me.
I guess it has rubbed off, as my youngest son, who just turned 6, was talking about how great his Blundstone boots are and wanted to know whom he could thank.

(Both my sons wore the boots to Kindergarten and grade 1, and teachers have commented on the joy of having them be able to put on their own shoes. I thought, hey, I could say thank you as well.)

I googled Blundstone, (gosh what did I do before Google?), and up came their website for Canada. This company, started in Australia, is famous for their quality and the brand has a great following, so I was not surprised to see a “your boots” section with a contest to win a trip to Australia. I uploaded a pic of my son with his boots - you may enjoy.
Yes, they are certainly “Worth It.”

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Kathy Lea said...

That is an adorable and great story to share. :D