Monday, February 8, 2010

Welcoming the Olympic Torch!

photograph from series of Torch Relay photographs
by unknown photographers, a j a n i photography

Donning my BC tartan scarf, with our sons wearing their "red mittens," my husband and I cheered the Olympic flame and gave a great welcome to the Olympic torch as it made its way through our community. I became surprisingly emotional as I lifted our 6-year-old up and pointed down the street. "Here it comes," I yelled. The community came out wearing red and white celebrating the torch relay with great enthusiasm and pride.

I find myself more proud of my city, my Country than expected. I am proud to see downtown Vancouver looking so ready to welcome the world. What overwhelms me most is seeing the volunteers- thousands of them in their teal blue coats, the people volunteering their time to be a part of it all. Truly Canadian indeed.

Go Canada Go!

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