Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving- Celebrate the Good in Your Company

Peer-to-peer recognition is among an employer’s most powerful, cost effective tools for engaging
employees. When employees are actively encouraged to notice and appreciate the behaviors of their
colleagues that contribute to the company’s success you as a leader will create an environment that
is guaranteed to excite, inspire your team to give their best every day.
Being nice, doesn’t’ mean being a push over, soft or vague. To be clear being nice and smart and
having fun is easier than you think.
Here are 7 easy and free tips you can start today
• Be specific in your appreciation. "Thank you for ensuring our deadline was met." "Thank you
for staying late to finish the proposal, the client loves it." The message shows you
noticed, and care.
• Thank immediately. Make it easy for yourself by having a few thank you cards on handan
extra effort detail vs. an email.
• If you do use email to show appreciation, cc the CEO, or manager outlining how the
employee's effort helped the company. Again, you will be seen as a team player.
• Smile with eye contact.
• Today, visit face to face all the people who report to you. Tell them one great thing they
do to make your job easier.
• When you see a colleague who looks confused or overwhelmed, don’t walk by. Engage
them. Ask how you can help.
• Start a daily act of Kindness campaign either just for yourself, or better yet with your
team, or entire organization. Track the results in a journal, blog or online community.
As a leader you must first look at your own behaviour. Show your daily appreciation and watch your
team environment become stronger as people happily, enthusiastically carry out your goals.
Recognition done right doesn't take a lot of money, it takes listening, creativity, and the ability to say
thank you.
“Think of giving not as a duty, but as a privilege.” John D. Rockefeller

Share with me more easy, fun, and effective ways you show your appreciation.

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