Sunday, June 6, 2010

Giving Project Day1

Day 1
With it being Day 1 and all, I found myself asking out loud,
"What can I give today that is different, unique, an out of the box give?"
Just then one of my sons came into the room and said with a serious, quiet tone in his voice, "Mom, the cat is loosing its hair". The neighbour's cat comes over quite often to visit and just about as quickly as the cat jumped on my son's lap, I was about to blurt out, "oh it is just shedding" and continue on doing whatever I was doing. I stopped and became very present, aware that here is my chance to give the gift of time to my son. So I sat down beside him, and as we petted Mia the cat, I shared with him that it is normal for cats and dogs to shed (loose) some hair as they don't need as much hair in the summer, just like he doesn't need to wear his winter coat anymore. I assured him the cat would not go bald, and was healthy. He was relieved and satisfied with my explanation. As he walked away holding the cat in one arm, I smiled to myself, grateful for my good mom moment, grateful for my son's caring personality and excited about how The Giving Project is going to change my family's life for the better.

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Isabelle Mercier said...

Way to go Janet. What a beautiful story. I look forward to reading you tomorrow.