Friday, June 4, 2010

The Giving Project – That extra twinkle

A couple of weeks ago, my husband, our sons and I volunteered handing out cupcakes on the east side of Vancouver during the Fair in the Square celebration put on by Central City Foundation.

After an inspiring day of giving our time, we walked to our car and noticed someone adding coins to the parking meter. I would like to be telling you my initial thoughts were, “how kind ", but I actually thought it very odd, "does he think that is his car, is he out of it?” After he proceeded to put money in the next meter I realized that no, this is a random act of kindness! One of my sons called him, the parking angel. I had to quicken my step to catch up to him. We chatted briefly, I thanked him for choosing to give to the event is such a creative and meaningful way.

I wanted to keep talking but he was on his way to plug more meters. I stood there for about 5 minutes being grateful. I thought about how we volunteered today, how we gave, and how he gave simply by adding a coin to my meter. I stood there smiling. I realized that even though my initial intention was for my children to experience meeting people from a different community they normally wouldn't encounter, I was the one that learned.

My husband calls it the "extra twinkle," a twinkle in my eye that supposedly shines brighter “than usual", as he saw an idea forming in my brain. I said out loud on the car ride home, "What if we all gave something, just something small - a smile, a cupcake, plugged a meter, a simple thank you? The world would change." A challenge, I thought. I know friends, family, and clients that would give.

So here it is, The Giving Project, 21 days of giving. 21 days because that’s how long it supposedly takes to form a habit. I will blog and tweet daily on what and how I give and I ask you to join me and do the same by commenting on my posts-start at Day 1 here click here 

If you’re on Twitter, tweet me your gives (please use the hashtag #realgiving).


working girl said...

What a kind impulse. A small thing but how many people would really do that? I love your pay it forward idea!

Lucy Cameron said...

wonderful :)
I can't to start my 21 days! Tomorrow!