Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bottom Lines and Plaid- What do they have in Common?

Most of the companies we work with have one thing in common- they all have a corporate culture that is uniquely their own, bringing out the absolute best in their people who end up going above and beyond- helping the companies achieve their goals- efficiently and happily.

 Recognizing employees for what they do well is a part of 
our customers' culture.

One of our most popular recognition solutions we provide to enhance a culture is our signature custom made tartans.
"Tartan?" You may ask, "What?" "Why?"
Tartan is a huge hit with our customers as the symbolism behind the crisscross pattern- family, unity, friendship, community- is a genuine connection they have within their company and want to share this with their employees and customers. 
How can a tartan be uniquely your own?

It can be as wild as you wish! See Don Cherry's suit! 
(no we didn't design that one!)

It can be created in your corporate colors- See DDB ad Agency's tartan (we did design), then produced wool scarves for clients and employees.

 Note the craftsmanship in the tailoring details and woven label adds subtle branding.

It will reflect your culture, values. Read Coca-Cola’s 
and F5's enclosure card messages below. 

"Created exclusively for The Coca-Cola Company, this tartan is a symbol of friendship.Throughout history, tartan has served a s distinct fabric that represents special connections."

 F5 Network's enclosure card

Scarves are just one accessory we have produced. Our latest ideas include commemorative plates, silk ties, umbrellas, blankets, and upholstery.

The process is easy for you as we take care of all details from design, production, prototype, enclosure cards, packaging and distribution.

Ready to have your own tartan designed just for you? 
Contact me today to get started!  604 730 2600

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