Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day. Life Lessons I learned from My Mom.

My mom in the 1950s
“Use your manners. They will open doors.” 
Indeed they have and continue to do so.
 “Tweeze your eyebrows. It will bring out your eyes.”  
Thank heavens for brow bars!
“Make hay while the sun shines.” 
Work hard, play hard.
“Kiss your husband when he gets home from work.” 
I do, and make us both a martini!
“It always comes out in the wash.”   
Maybe not today, but the truth will always come out. Honesty is best policy.
“Keep your nose clean.” 
I think it means stay out of trouble, which I tend to do- most of the time.
“I’ve signed us up for tennis lessons.” 
I love the game and still play.
“When walking in the woods, hold the branch back for the next person.” 
Saved many an eye with this one thoughtful gesture.
“When buying a blouse with stripes, make sure the stripes match at the seam.” 
Quality over quantity, is my fashion motto.
“These are the best years of your life.” 

Thank you Mom. I am grateful.
Happy Mother’s Day!

A recent photo of my Mom and Dad

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