Saturday, March 31, 2012

Influential Women

Once again I was thrilled to be the award sponsor for The Influential Women in Business Awards-
Business in Vancouver's annual event celebrating women leadership.

The awards are human glass figures, hand blown with outstretched arms symbolizing leadership and celebration. Each piece stands 11" high and is one of a kind. During the creative process, glass ribbon swirls of reds, pinks and purples are included which is a subtle and stylish way to reflect the event's branding.
The awards reflect the genuine appreciation of Business in Vancouver, make an impact when presenting on stage and in photographs, and are a unique award that stand out from the rest- just like the recipients.

Providing gift packaging that is sturdy, safe for travel and fashionable is an important detail as I want the gift giver's experience to be effortless and the recipients' gift experience to be a happy one from start to finish. (having to think about how to get the award back to the office in 
one piece would not continue the experience!) 

Thanks Lucy Cameron for the photos!
Initially when we looked at base options, I  felt using a mass produced glass base would take away from the sculpture look I was going for, so each base is also hand blown, then etched with the event, date, and recipients' names. Gift cards with Business in Vancouver's logo on the front and space for their personal message of gratitude inside is another detail that continues the experience for both the giver and recipients. The card also shares more information on the commission and the artist.

Read more about the inspiring women honored on
page 27 and 28 of BIV's March 20, 2012 issue

What occasion do you have coming up where you want the awards to reflect your genuine gratitude?

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