Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women's Day!

We've come along way baby!

I am grateful for all the amazing women I have in my life.
My mom first comes to mind. I am thankful she continues to share with me her experiences, her thoughts, and her generosity. I am grateful for my sisters Denise and Ramona who introduced me to Elton John's music and bell bottoms. (I’m dating myself I know, but I’m dating them too- hee hee) They both continue to inspire me with their genuineness.  I’m grateful for my good friends, many I've had since high school- ladies who ground me and I can always count on to tell ‘er like it is. I’m grateful to have such awesome clients- leaders, many pioneers in their industries- smart, tough women who lead with compassion.

Tonight I'm celebrating International Women's Day by attending Dress for Success Vancouver's gala fundraiser.  Check out Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, and the Influential Women In Business Awards to experience another organization and event celebrating women.

On International Women's Day I wish all women a day filled with much love, laughter and peace.
Love Janet

photo from John Oxley Library. State Library of Queensland

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