Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Grateful for Blown Car Turbo!

Morning at Heffley Lake, BC 

I'm back at 'er this week after spending most of August on holiday, enjoying the beauty of British Columbia with family and friends. I'm grateful for the good food, good wine, good conversations and good belly laughs I shared around campfires, on decks and docks. What I find myself most grateful for though is my car breaking down in Cache Creek on the way back from Barkerville. I'll spare you the lengthy hot afternoon details and skip to us arriving by tow truck to Kamloops. The sun had set, and we were all a little cooler and calmer. We checked into a hotel for the night and I quickly realized I left my phone charger in my car which was now in the auto shop locked up for the night. At this point, I took it in stride, shrugged, and opened a beer.(I remembered to grab those out of the car!) I sat on the deck and asked a couple of hotel guests if they had a charger I could borrow. As my phone charged, we proceeded to introduce each other and share our, "what brings you to Kamloops" stories. Into our conversation I found out their four year old son has leukemia. With the hospital next door to the hotel, I found out many people stay there while visiting family and friends. I remember saying that night as I kissed my sons goodnight, "thank you for the blown turbo." I was reminded how grateful I am for my sons' health and that there is no good, no bad just how I react to a situation and every moment of the day is an opportunity for gratitude. 
I am grateful for my blown turbo!

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