Monday, September 17, 2012

Inexpensive Ways to Stylishly Extend Your Brand

My clients often ask me to design custom tissue paper and ribbon with their logo on them. I do like the look, but share with them that most manufacturers have minimums so you have to order large quantities, making the idea expensive. If you know you will use the ribbon and tissue in a timely matter it is worth it as is a stylish and effective way to extend your brand. If you know you won't use the ribbon and tissue that quickly-within 4-6 months (logos change, and storage can be an issue) I suggest a few other solutions.

1- Choose tissue, wrap, bags and ribbon in your corporate colours.
You can have fun mixing colours and it won't be expensive.

2- If sustainability is important to you, use natural, recycled ribbons, and tissues. (Your recycled paper insert cards should also let recipients know their gift has been wrapped with eco friendly items.)

3- If you know you will be storing or shipping your gifts avoid using ribbon at all as it always gets crushed. You want your gift to arrive the same way it left your hands, so instead create gift box sleeves that fit around the lid of the gift box. This was a solution we at Janet Helm created to ensure our clients' signature tartan scarf  boxes arrive exactly the same way they left. (as we know before the recipients receive their gifts so  many other people handle them- from a shipper, receiver, the odd border inspector, purchaser, managers, just to name a few!)

Gift sleeves created for Colliers tartan scarf gift boxes

Keep in mind, if you have more than one location- all locations should be using the same gift wrap, tissue and ribbon. This keeps your brand experience consistent with employees and customers as well as saves people time from running out to buy ribbon and tissue!

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Happy Giving!

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