Monday, June 7, 2010

The Giving Project - Day 2

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Standing in the grocery store line up this morning, I noticed a man behind me with a jug of milk impatiently sighing about the lineup. I gestured for him to go ahead, and said, “sounds like you are in a rush, please go ahead of me.” Not a thank you, just a gruff huff as he stepped to the front of the line, paid for his milk, and hurriedly ran out of the store. Initially taken aback, I then realized, my daily "gives" are not going to affect everyone and that is okay. The Giving Project is for me to give and others to join me if they like but with expecting nothing in return. Whether the man is sipping his milk thinking it was nice of me to help him out, or thinking, gosh I could have said, thanks, isn't the point. The point is I gave and it feels great.

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