Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Giving Project - Day 3

Janet, friends and family at a Canada Day run

On Canada Day, our community celebrate with an annual 8km run, festivities and fun for all. This year, I have been training for the July 1 run and my goal was to come in the top 3 of my age group- a lofty goal, but feelin' good about it.

Just this morning, an email came in from the organizer, who I also volunteer with as a SunRun clinic leader, asking if I would volunteer with the run. Initially, I thought, hell no, I want to beat my time and win a ribbon! But then I found myself typing back without hesitation, "I would love to help," as I thought that this can be my gift for Day 3 of The Giving Project.

It's only Day 3 and I am seeing how much more aware I am of giving, and how it is simply a choice to make.

So, the boys will run the 1km kids race first, then our family will be helping at an aid station handing out water and cheering the runners on. There is always another race to run and time to beat. With my give of the day, I already feel like I won!
How did you give today? Please share your wins with me.

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