Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Giving Project Day 20 - Vintage Gift

Most know that I collect and wear vintage fashion and have quite a collection of purses, sunglasses, and pristine coats. From no names to Gucci and Pucci, with the impeccable quality whether an item is hand-stitched or simply made to last, I so appreciate the details that are hard to find in everyday products today.

My latest find is a 70's belt buckle I spied on our weekend getaway at a yard sale- the ink marked masking tape sticker taped across it showed $1. I gave the woman $5 and said, "keep the change, it is fun piece, thank you." Giving more at a garage sale, instead of negotiating! Not sure if I will ever see that expression on someone's face again. Not sure if I will ever give that gift again, but that day it felt right. A gift indeed for both of us.


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Anonymous said...

I love it! That`s a wonderful idea - giving more at a garage sale! Thanks