Saturday, June 26, 2010

Giving Project Day 17 -Ahhh The Smell of Fresh Library Books

I love library books, always have. I remember my mom driving us kids to the library, it was a treat to go to the library. I remember having my own library card and being able to check out any book I wanted. Judy Blume when available, was always one of my favourite finds.
Today my library trips are still treats, at least once a week with the boys. We joined the Summer Reading Club- Reading Rocks! Chris Tougas, author and illustrator of Art's Supplies and Mechanimals has created the hilarious poster and reading record for Reading Rocks! where prizes are won for reading.
I thought I would thank the librarians for sharing their favourite finds, their passion for reading with my family, so the boys and I picked a few flowers from our garden and gave them to the library staff.

I enjoyed watching my sons choose their books- what topics interest them that day. For one, currently any topic to do with sharks and haunted houses gets picked off the shelves. For my other son, anything Star Wars will do.

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